Lokahi at Wandering Creek

Lokahi is part of the Wandering Creek PUD north of Firethorn Resort, on Van Dorn Street, east of the 84th Street and west of 98th Street.

luxury living

Located on ten acres of choice, natural, verdant green land, Lokahi at Wandering Creek will reflect its spacious landscape while promoting all the luxuries of modish momentum and contemporary vision. Come and experience a lifestyle on the edge of innovation and live with purpose.


Sustainable Design

The project utilizes the latest in modern and sustainable architectural and engineering practices by highlighting open space designs, geothermal implementation, use of passive solar designs, natural and sustainable landscaping designs, use of renewable and reusable materials, smart technology to enhance energy efficiency, and solar engagement throughout the project wherever possible. We want to challenge our neighbors to take contemporary to the next level to push the boundaries by exploring new modish designs while still allowing our buyers to take the reins and implement their own creative edge.

Lokahi will fuse a level of sophistication with minimal, yet striking designs. The innovation behind the development was to blend contemporary living while also engaging Nebraska’s natural landscape and making smart technology work for our environment. We wanted bring a little bit of the Hawaiian Islands back to our neighbors here in Nebraska and our goal was to create a place that we desired to live in.


Lot Features

Choice lots are currently being presold and are projected to be buildable by Fall of 2019. Certain covenants will apply to each lot which will include some sustainable and architectural concepts in keeping with the overall vision for Lokahi. Please note that the preliminary layout and lot pricing may be updated during the final plat process.