Sarah McFarland is currently Founder and President of McFarland Development Corporation. As lead developer, Sarah has gained her experience by coordinating various city projects and working alongside with both city and state officials from multiple states to create unified concepts that bring vision to reality in both development and legislation. Sarah’s background is well diversified in business development, business building- from concept to market, business selling, SWOT Analysis, understanding business valuations, negotiating and using economic indicators and analytical data to forecast market trends.

Prior to Development, Mrs. McFarland was the Exec. Vice President, CFO and a founding partner for Landmark Logistics Corp., a freight forwarding company in Honolulu, Hawaii. Sarah was key in helping to build Landmark from infancy to grossing over $20,000,000 in sales in just under 4 years. Sarah also has a strong background in marketing, strategic management, warehouse operations, logistics and distribution management on a massive scale with coordination efforts to over 150 on site locations throughout the Hawaiian Islands.  While simultaneously working at Landmark, Mrs. McFarland was also the President and founder of the distribution company, Francis Hunt Distributors LLC.. During her time as President, Sarah worked with various breweries throughout the US, and secured a partnership with two of the largest grocery chains in Hawaii to produce all their private label liquor and beer.

Sarah also has a passion for giving back to the community. In her philanthropic and political endeavors, she has built and maintained vital relationships within the business community and acts as a key fundraiser for various local charities and political entities. From 2008-2018, Sarah was the Fundraising Chair for a prominent city council official in the state of Hawaii and had played a large role in their Mayoral candidacy. Mrs. McFarland has also developed a strong reputation for relationship and community building. In 2019, Sarah was invited as a delegate to represent the State of Hawaii at the National Prayer Breakfast held by Congress and President Donald Trump. In 2016, Sarah was honored by Congressman Brad Sherman and the California State Assembly for humanitarian lead efforts as the key facilitator in coordinating the passage of legislation that helped to recognize The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic as an Independent Nation, currently under a dictatorial regime. These efforts were recognized on a global scale and were crucial in creating a global response that helped to end a broken cease-fire agreement between Nagorno-Karabakh and Azerbaijan, where hundreds of innocent civilians were slaughtered.

Earlier on in her youth, Sarah worked for the Hawaii State Senate doing Research, drafting legislation and facilitating media relations.  At 21 years of age, Sarah was later hired as the Chief of Staff and Campaign Coordinator for one of the members in the Hawaii House of Representatives. For several years, Mrs. McFarland was also a board member of The Women Speaking Out Foundation, an organization speaking up against domestic violence. Sarah earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Marketing from Chaminade University (2007) and holds an Executive Masters of Business Administration Degree focusing on Strategic Management from Hawaii Pacific University (2011).